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DR. RITESH DEDHIA (Dentist & Marathon Runner)

A big, big thank you Dr. Hemali!
I have been running for 3yrs now, attempting my first full marathon. I have been running about 70kms per week. A thorough professional who is well read and knows what she is doing. Very accurate with her diagnosis. Was down with injury without proper treatment for about 45days n was barely able to run 13-14km, but Dr. Hemali got me up and running in about 15days and now I can run 35 to 40km pain free. The best thing is she does not only attend to the problem, but also concentrates on the overall posture to prevent future problems. Highly recommended

PAMELA FORSTER (Parkour Athlete/ Adidas Ambassador)

I got invited from Austria to do a stunt for a movie in Mumbai. All my rehearsals for that Jump went fine, but somehow on the second shoot day I didn’t land my jump correctly. While I walked up the stairs, trying to reset for the next take, I felt a lot of pain in my right knee, and I was not able to walk normally anymore. This never happened to me before and I was so disappointed, because I actually had two more weeks to shoot. Dr. Hemali came half an hour later to take a look at my knee and figured out that I have a first-degree ACL sprain along with ITB irritation. I honestly was close to tears when I told her I really wanted to finish all my stunts, but I could barely walk. She smiled at me and said: „you will be fine, you can do it “I had no idea how she could say something like that in that moment, I could not imagine walking in the next few days, feeling all this pain, so how will I be able to run and jump next week. But I was willing to try my best. Had to use a lot of ice packs over the next few nights, Dr. Hemali also used Graston technique & dry needling, kinesiology taping and dynamic taping along with movement correction to get me back on feet as fast as possible. I did 3 days of rehab exercises until I was able to walk almost normal again. It was another rehearsal day before the next shoot day and I wanted to jump over boxes, I was so scared to take off and land back on my leg that I had to trust Dr. Hemali knowledge more than my fear, when she said again: “you will be fine, you can do it “. I was fine and I could do it, all of it, I just had to focus on using my muscles correctly. I could finish my work in Mumbai, and I was the happiest person ever. Dr. Hemali did such a great work, without really knowing me that well, she knew exactly what I needed without pushing me too far, but far enough to be ready again in no time. Thank You Again So Much! I have videos about my rehab days in Mumbai and her techniques in my Highlights on Instagram (Dr. Hemali), if you want to take a look at them @pamelaforster

SHARANYA SHETTY (Professional Tennis Player)

I have shifted to Pune lately and I play tennis as a profession, so I basically train every day. I have had many aches and issues with my right shoulder and wrist. I have been consulting a Physio in Pune and have had many sessions with her, but nothing really affected, later on I insisted for treatment from Hemali, so I came back to Bombay and all problems solved within two sessions. After the treatment, till today my shoulder or wrist hasn’t given me any pain. She is kind and friendly to be with, thank you for making every session fun and making me forget the pain.

POONAM SHAH ( Semi-finalist MTV Roadies Revolution)

I had a cervical injury due to a fall in my sport. One of the facet joints had locked and the muscles went in spams. In just 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Hemali I was able to regain mobility. She gave me exercises to strengthen the specific muscles too. Highly recommending Prohuman to all my sports mates and others.

ISHA GUJRATI Associate – McKinsey & Company

Online Consult-Chicago, USA

“She gave me a lot of corrective exercises which not only improved my pain but also my running performance”

ALICIA LECLAIR (Director of School Programs)

When I moved from the US to Mumbai for work, only 2 months after having major foot surgery and still part time on crutches, I was honestly very nervous about my prospects for a full recovery (the surgeon had told me it wasn’t guaranteed, and I no longer had access to my trusted physio in Washington State). I tried out a few PTs in Mumbai and found that while they were skilled in whatever technique they specialized in, they would not be able to provide the holistic care I needed. Hemali was a total game changer. She took me from not being able to make it through my day without crutches to hiking and jogging without pain again!! Her holistic approach, integration of a wide variety of best-practice techniques, and dedication to doing what’s best by her patient made for a successful recovery. I’ve worked with a wide variety of PTs in the US (unfortunately :P), and I will say that she’s up there with the best of them! Beyond her talents as a physio, she’s also a total joy to spend time with and made coming to her something I looked forward to on multiple levels. You’re the best, Hemali!!!

HARISH SHETTY (Model & Fitness Trainer)

I had visited Dr Hemali for my lower back pain, I was super impressed with the way she did the assessment and showed me the multiple reasons for my back pain. In a matter of two sittings, I was pain-free. All the exercise she prescribed me for my postural correction has made a significant difference and I feel a lot more balanced and pain-free. I highly recommend Dr Hemali for anyone who has any kind of pain and injury.


Dr Hemali is a brilliant physio. I had gone to her with a flared tennis elbow, and she was warm, patient and thorough with the treatment. She is relentless when it comes to finding the problem and fixing it. Thanks to her, today I have got back to weight training and playing cricket. I highly recommend her.

Rohit Dube (Football Player)

“I have partial ACL tear on the Right Knee, I have already had a surgery for a complete ACL tear on the Left side. Knowing how long the recovery process takes I wanted to avoid another surgery. After 2 months of sessions with Hemali, the results have been great. She has really pushed me and I am already back to running, cycling & workout. Soon will return to football. “


Online Consult- Mumbai

” Within 5 days, 80% of my knee pain was gone. I was so thankful to her. I couldn’t believe that after taking painkillers for 3-4 months, Pain just vanished like this with simple exercises and movements.”


“I have a slip disc issue, in the last few years I have consulted with so many doctors, with no permanent solution. My condition was so bad that I couldn’t even stand properly. Dr Hemali gave me specific exercises and treatment for 2 months. Now I am not only able to stand , walk but also run!! “

SHALINI PILLAI (Yoga Instructor & IT professional)

Online Consult – Dubai

“I slipped and injured my elbow during a yoga session. I was suggested a brace for tennis elbow which I wore for a year, but the pain didn’t go away. I then consulted Dr Hemali, we did an online session and in just a couple of days of doing the exercises my pain decreased quite a bit”

SHAYON SANYAL (Senior Database Specialist Solutions Architect)

Online Consult – New York City- USA

” I have seen tremendous improvement in my low back pain. I would highly recommend you’ll to check out Hemali’s Online sessions and encourage you’ll to reach out to her if you’ll are in pain “

MANU BANSAL (Software Engineer)

Online Consult – Mumbai

“I have been having Left frozen shoulder problem since the last 6 months. Since last 2 months I have been using video-based consultation with Dr Hemali due to Covid. I have seen significant reduction in pain in my Left shoulder and the movement has started coming back.”