At Prohuman, we believe that all of you’ll are athletes.

With our advance techniques used for Sportsmen we bring to you Physiotherapy practice, a rehab process which gets you out of pain or injury in short time and provides sustained recovery.

How do we exactly help you achieve sustained recovery?

We evaluate to figure out discrepancies at anatomical, physiological, functional or at a movement level. Depending on the assessment, best techniques used over the world are brought to you to aid in your quick recovery. Usually in about a few sessions, once the pain subsides, functional exercises and eventually movements are introduced. These are upgraded as and when to suit your bodily demands, to get you back to your daily routine, work, skating, ballet, dancing or any other activity you choose.

When should you visit us?

Pain, Stiffness

Most of us at some point or the other have experienced pain & stiffness which have ignored. This often leads to increased damage and more pain. Let’s figure out why you are in pain and address the root cause

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Sports Rehab

We understand the varied needs of each sport and work towards developing a complete rehab program to target each and every aspect of your sport: Endurance, strength, agility, stability, reaction time to name a few. So that you can return to your sport stronger and fitter

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Pre/Post Surgery

Do you know that a guided exercise program followed prior to the surgery & after the surgery can decrease your post surgical recovery time? All the athletes use this method to recover faster from a surgery, so why not you?

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Posture Correction

Our Posture has adapted to the tech lifestyle. Correcting your posture is not as easy as just “sitting straight”. Posture adaptations happen through out the body and can cause neck, shoulder and even hip and low back issues which need to be addressed.

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Injury Recovery

Recovery from an injury is multifactorial and we take into account all those factors to put you on the fastest path to recovery with a specialized tailor made program to fit your body type.

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Jaw Pain, Headaches

Do you feel clicking, popping or locking in your jaw when you open or close the mouth? Or pain in the jaw? This, can occur with headaches, migraines, cervical pain and also shoulder pain. Good news is, it is absolutely treatable with the right techniques.

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Snoring; Sleep Apnea

Ever feel tired after getting up in the morning or wanting to fall back asleep? or unable to control yawning and feel exhausted throughout the day? Also end up snoring at night? This can eventually lead to weight gain, metabolic issues, hormonal problems. Let’s work on your airways to help you decrease snoring and improve your efficiency.

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Foot Evaluation

Our feet come in all shapes and sizes and different levels of mobilities and stabilities. Two ends of this spectrum are Rigid and Flat feet. . Our foot position can lead to a lot of problems up in the kinetic chain. Complete correction can be achieved if appropriate treatment is started at an early age

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Fitness Evaluation

This assessment allows you to figure out your strength, weaknesses and muscle imbalances. With those results, a guide is established for your workouts to restore balance, so you don’t sustain any injuries when working out on your own, with a trainer or while following a Fitness Program.

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Treatment Techniques to get you better.

Dry Needling

An acupuncture needle is used to needle trigger points present in the muscle in order to decrease pain

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Myofascial Release

Use of Instruments (IASTM or GT ) or hands to release areas of stiffness in the muscle and Fascial system to promote healing

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Postural Restoration

Restoring the postural balance by means of specific exercises to strengthen the posture along with improving the efficiency of breathing

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Decompression of areas by use of vacuum cups to improve circulation and flush out inflammatory mediators

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Electro Dry Needling

Electric currents like NMES, TENS, IFT and Microcurrents are applied through Electro Dry needling to Improve muscle function and reduce pain.

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Active Release technique

This technique focuses on relieving soft tissue tension and improving the sliding and gliding of muscles, in turn improving movement efficiency.

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Joint Mobilization

Restoring joint movement by using joint mobilizations and manipulations.

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Kinetic Control

Improving segmental movement control of dysfunctional movement patterns.

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Various Tapes like Kinesio-taping, Rigid taping, Dynamic taping along with different taping methods are used to restrict, assist or enhance movement

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Functional Movement Re-education

Re-introducing Functional movements with the correct muscle activation sequence for movement efficiency.

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