Postural analysis

Sit Erect! My daddy used to tell me all the time
Sit Erect! How did I despise that saying
I Slouched, What a comfort that is
My muscles screamed and shrieked in pain
As they worked harder to keep my body working still..

That’s Exactly how this story started.. In fact That’s exactly how your neck, shoulder and back pain started. Maintaining a good posture is not only for those who have pain, its for all those who will have, in the future. And I bet you, with the advent of the “TECH AGE” most of us will. Look at the way you slouch when you read this!! “go ahead” Correct yourself cause I see you.

To all those Hurting souls, You cannot be treated completely if your posture has not been addressed. Maintaining a good posture to get rid of the pain is as important as maintaining it forever, so that the pain doesn’t knock on your door again. Exercises targeting exactly this, is very important for your holistic recovery.

I see to it that your posture is brought to your notice the very first session.. Trust me half the battle is won right there.. Correct your posture and your pain wont see you again!

Stay Posted for the upcoming Quick Tips for your Posture…

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