Movement Analysis

Yes I am a “Body Engineer”.

Our Bodies, much like any electronics, are meant to run smoothly with all its parts in perfect synchrony. No Noise, No Grunts and No glitches. We are made that way.. to be able to achieve our full potential.

Our Bodies, are just like cars. Some good Quality, some not so much. When new, they run perfectly fine, just like our younger-selves. With years, they start grumbling and hiccuping along the way. We give our cars a little care (some Oiling, Maintenance) and they are back on track.  With age, our body’s wear and tear , the stress that it undergoes might cause pain, Loss of movement, grinding, sensations of getting stuck  and clicks. That’s the signal that it needs servicing .With the rush of  our social and professional lives, We forget to give our bodies the much needed rest and maintenance.

Our Movement deteriorates eventually. Wrong patterns are re-enforced over the years causing damage to our already damaged bodies. Stop that cycle! Get your movement analysed, recognize your glitches and achieve your body’s full potential. Just like a racing car!

In case for those peeps who have pain and its already moving a little rough, You need a Movement Analyst to find out exactly what is wrong and which parts aren’t co-operating enough. To put you on right track!! Get your painful movements analysed today.. to save yourself from Early Part replacements.

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