Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Everything that you need to get your bones and soft tissue on the right track. This includes a toolbox of techniques which mobilizes the joint surfaces and soft tissue in order to decrease stiffness increase blood flow and promote healing. Extremely useful for Patients with Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Cervical Spondylosis and for Back aches.

Mulligan Mobilization
This Technique is used to correct Minor Positional Faults in the joints which are difficult to identify on the X-ray and cause pain with movement. Most of the times It is so effective that your pain should decrease as soon as the glide is given. Works wonders with Knee Meniscal Injuries, Cervical Spondylosis and Tendinitis.

Maitland Mobilization
Among other Uses, it is extremely effective in Spondylosis, Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder and Low Back pain. Sustained Joint Mobilization to break joint restrictions and increase joint surface gliding. Painfree Movement and Increased Range are main motives behind using this technique.

Soft Tissue Mobilization
Well in Lay man Terms “Massage” to break down Fascial restrictions and improve the gliding of the fascial layers. Repititive movement causes Scarring and ultimately Fibrosis the little tiny “just there” everslightly painful knots you feel in the muscles. Over time they become painful and open the can of worms leading to a problem one after the other. Working on them is extremely important for complete recovery from the condition.

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