Graston Technique

A Unique Technique to address scar tissue and fascial restrictions along the Kinetic Chain. “Fascia”-In spite of being so widespread in our body, covering all nerves, muscles, ligaments and even bones, It is still  overlooked . It serves as a Force Transmitter from one tissue to another. Inappropriate forces cause restrictions. We all have fascial restrictions we are unaware of! Learn more about Fascia here.


Fascia is a continuous sheath. Restrictions anywhere along those planes can cause pain in a totally different region. Treatment directed towards the painful site without scanning other “connected regions ” adjacent soft tissue often causes relapses. You as patient loose your time  as well as money. To be more effective and Target holistic healing, this technique initially used in Athletes targeting the fascial continuum for quicker Results is now adapted to General Population and available in India for your Faster Recovery.

How would this technique benefit you?

1.Widespread use to decrease pain even in chronic conditions thought to be permanent.
2.Decreases the overall time of treatment by half.
3.Guaranteed Cost Reduction in the long run.
4.Reduces the need for Anti-Inflammatory Medicines.

I have treated a  lot of patients with this technique in United States of America and also in India since a few months with spectacular outcomes. Imagine to the point that one patient of Chronic pain asked me to Charge her extra since she felt 80% relieved after only 12 sessions with this therapy. Her testimonial coming up soon… Stay Posted!!


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