Something I love doing!

Physio – Fitness – Movement efficiency – Body Mechanics

Our body & mind is the only machine that keeps us going. Are you taking good care of it?

I help you take care of it in the best & most efficient way possible. Devoid of pain, full of movement activity and life. I help you achieve the impossible. Every Impossible begins with a try!

Physio + Fitness

Bringing to you world class practices to relive pain- neck, back, knees, shoulders or anywhere in the body. Enhance Recovery post joint, muscle or ligament surgeries.

Corporate seminars

Work is worship & best way to make it more comfortable. Seminars for Ergonomics, Posture etc. DO YOU KNOW THAT A GOOD 15 MINUTE PROGRAM CAN REDUCE STRESS, IMPROVE THOUGHT PROCESS AND MAKE WORK MORE FUN?

A whole new- ” 15 minutes to Mental & Physical fitness series.”

Injury Prevention

How amazing would it be to not be in pain at all or not get injured frequently. Apecially tailored fitness % mind body strengthening program to stop the damage in your body even before it occurs.

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