Respect your Pain!!

Just Last Summer, while I was still in Boston and the weather was good (yes its tundra the other 8 months), I attended a lecture on pain at Massachusetts Institute of technology. I was awed at what I learnt that day.

Why would pain be good? Everybody questions! I questioned too… Imagine not feeling pain at all. You would think life would be amazing, right?  Being able to dance, sing, walk, jump and run forever without the exhaustion that would eventually turn into pain? Surprisingly, No!!

There are about 35 known cases of people in US who can’t feel pain. Such is also a case of a newborn who couldn’t feel pain. Congenital Insensitivity to pain or Congenital Analgesia.Continue reading “Respect your Pain!!”

Mom: Job that never ends :/

I am a physio. I work. You work too. Most of us do.  We work Mon-Sat and have a day off. Sleep well at nights and Throw tantrums when we don’t get enough sleep. Get Ready food and Ironed Clothes. We Dance when we want too, Go out at our convenience and come back to a place we call home.Continue reading “Mom: Job that never ends :/”

Sports Physiotherapy

  • Comprehensive Analysis of the body to identify strengths and weakness.
  • Locating  restrictions along the Kinetic Chain.
  • Movement and Task Analysis of the Sport.
  • Exercises to prevent injury and restore muscle imbalances.
  • Sport specific Exercises and Functional Movements.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

  • Established Protocols for your Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Back, Hip, Knee and Leg pain.
  • Evidence Based Exercises tailor made to address your strengths and weakness.
  • Functional Training to be able to achieve your goal.
  • Postural Awareness to get you through your work day with no discomfort or pain.

Get started now… to get yourself Moving Smoother and Effortlessly.