Running Injury Free

With Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016 around the corner, and a series of other smaller Marathons in line, Mumbai is on a Running spree. With rising fitness awareness, there are more enrollees each year challenging their bodies to work, run better.

In this fitness uprising, many runners tend to land with injuries. Running, meant to better our bodies should be injury free especially cause it is our inherit nature. Centuries ago, running was not a fitness fad, but a necessity to get  messages across and perform essential tasks for survival. Reasons for Running can change but the very act remains the same.

Lets discuss a few things that will help you run injury free.

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Patellar (Knee cap) Subluxation Story..

Someone who went through tremendous pain every20150728_221108-1day when her patella subluxated  5-6 times/day. She had difficulty climbing stairs in spite of which she  climbed a floor 20 steps to get to my place every treatment session all the wa
y from Mulund (45 minutes away). After the first session itself, her patella subluxation decreased to once a day and pain went down by 30%. At Present after 11 sessions, she is able to return to all her activities and experiences increased speed and fluidity with climbing stairs walking and squatting. Here’s what she has to say…

How to damage your back in a few ways!

” Reed ki haadi nahi hai ?” translation being “spineless person?”

One phrase used a lot conventionally to denote sarcasm for a weak or lazy person. Irony is that, now you can actually reply to it saying ” thi, par tut gayi”  in English ” I managed to break it”

And this would not be a sentence denoting laziness or weakness anymore. Rather the opposite. The overworked individual in the wrong postures and a body that has toiled against bio-mechanical disadvantages.

This post is a salut to all those people who manage to damage their own backs, preluding ignorance due to work and other times due to tiredness or laziness.

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FootNotes: How to Heal Heel pain?

“You just know it when you have it “

Such is the nature of heel pain or foot pain. It’s like a splinter in your heel not allowing you to put your foot down. The slow dull aching pain that turns into a sharp menacing debilitating pain over passage of time.

What exactly is Heel pain ? Where does it come from? and Why does it cause so much trouble? Lets find some answers..

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World Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Day

Hello World, Its Physiotherapy Day or for the West,  Physical Therapy Day. In some Countries they are also called Kinesiologists.Those who have ever been to a Physiotherapist, sought of have an idea of what we do. Still there are many who have a skewed perception. There are so many people out there who don’t know what Physiotherapists do or what  the specialization of such a Job Profile is.

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