How to manage Food Cravings!

Midnight ones? Sugar Cravings or just the need to binge onto something. Let’s figure out where they come from? How do we prevent them?… While trying to find scientifically backed answers to all these questions. I had another wild wild question in my head?

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Stevia: the Sugar substitute

Its been a dream for most people to eat whatever they want and still not gain weight! Well in that case, Stevia is your dream come true. Double the sweetness minus the calories. Indulge in your sweet tooth all you want.

Have you’ll ever thought about where stevia comes from?

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Sugar, Honey, Jaggery & Everything Sweet

All of these add sweetness to our food. And in turn to our life. Sugar in the form of white crystals or brown sugar with a slightly brown tinge is easily available in all markets over the world. Honey : in small Bottles & Jaggery in certain countries or in Indian stores all over the world.

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Water for your Body

More than 70% of the earth is made up of water and so are our bodies. But have you’ll ever wondered where does that 70 percent water come from.

We are born with it? ( NO) We have to drink it . We only get about 20 % from food that is dry and it can go upto 40% if your diet consists of more fruits and vegetables. There is still a deficit in water intake.

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My stint with cycling!

Only when you can be young and stupid, can you be old and wise. So this is an online cheers to my stupidity. Also a very big cheers to my friends who accompanied me here. Let me tell you how this all started.

Backing up 5 years, While I was leaving Boston, one of my friends got a folding bike and would travel to and fro work cycling. I was encouraged to do the same, so as soon as I came back to Mumbai, India, I decided to get a similar folding bike. Decathalon was the go to place. The folding bikes were just introduced by the company BTWIN into the Indian Market. Got mine and was super elated to ride to work. I exactly used it for 3-4 months before putting it away as my work demands increased and could no longer cycle to work.

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Runner’s Alert: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Day: 4th Feb, the night before me and my dad were extremely motivated to do an early morning workout instead of our regular evening workouts. In all that excitement, we left our house not realizing that the gym is shut on Monday mornings. Disappointed but not willing to waste our time, we headed to five gardens for a walk-jog not realizing what it had in store for us.

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Take care: 23 hours for Faster Pain Relief.

Even after trying multitudes of treatment options, many undergo the perpetual cycle of pain. They find chronic pain persisting in spite of the best assessment and  treatment methods  applied.

Why is that ?

The secret to pain relief  doesn’t lie in the one hour of treatment you go through in a day or sometimes in 2-3 days. It depends more on what you do in the next 23 hours that are not monitored by the Physiotherapist.images

For the one hour of treatment to show its effectiveness and cause pain relief over time, it is extremely important to be aware of what we are doing to aggravate or relieve the pain throughout the day.

There are many triggering factors during various movements we perform. Learn and get insight on how to control them to create a better environment for healing. The best person to instruct you regarding this, is your physio. Don’t forget to ask about the  correct ergonomical postures to be maintained during house as well as office work.

I am open to questions on my FB page: Dr Hemali Mehta

Take care of your 24 hours! Signing off..


Bio mechanical or Biochemical?

Back Pain? Knee pain? Shoulder pain? Neck pain or Headaches?
Pop a Pill!  How many of us have done that  and still continue to do it?
But, Pain does come back. And there you are. Again, repeating
the cycle, popping a pill.

Think whether the cause of your re-current pain is a Biochemical Issue or a Bio mechanical one?IMG-20160128-WA0002-c869fa53-1199-4bf6-88e1-3e26abe1fe26.jpg

Many a times wrong postures during sitting, standing, walking, lifting put uneven loads on our bodies causing damage This activities repeated over and over through the days, weeks , months and years cause the tissues to come to a point of tolerance and breakdown.

Popping a pill will numb the pain from the breakdown. It doesn’t stop the breakdown or reverse it, nor does it treat the root cause of the  pain. To achieve a more sustained pain relief, next time don’t pop a pill or inject your back. Book an appointment with  a Physio to get yourself corrected bio mechanically.

Tada for now! Stay Fit..

1 Simple test to determine how fit you are!

Generations back, we used the squatting toilet. In India and some eastern countries, Sitting on the floor in a cross legged position was the norm while eating, reading and watching television. As luxury creeped into our lifestyle, our modes of sitting changed to chair and a sitting toilet. We hardly sit on the floor these days.

Also, Now if I asked you to do that you would probably struggle with it. Sitting on the floor in a cross legged or a full squat position is extremely challenging. It requires enough stability, strength, balance, Power, flexibility and motor control. It also depends on how much you weigh. Increased weight makes it difficult for you to sit on the floor and get up without using support.

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FootNotes : Are Flat feet, evolution for sedentary?

Guilty I am of posting after a ridiculously long break. Life gets busy and sometimes there is no way out. Well this time off, got me to a few realizations. Few Crazy ones. I am going to talk about my First realization or rather discovery as you might have guessed from the heading. Evoluntion-ary Flat Feet.

After having worked in a Sports Speciality clinic in Boston under a Physio
therapist who specializes in Orthotics. I learnt my bit about foot. Since quite a while, I have been noticing that almost 70% of my patients with Back, Knee, Ankle problems sometimes even Shoulder pain have Flat foot or feet to vary-ing extents.

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