Health is more than just food and fitness.

It is everything that makes you happy. Here’s my exploration into the inside and the outside world. Something that makes me happy and promotes my well-being.

How to manage Food Cravings!

Midnight ones? Sugar Cravings or just the need to binge onto something. Let’s figure out where they come from? How do we prevent them?… While trying to find scientifically backed answers to all these questions. I had another wild wild question in my head?

Stevia: the Sugar substitute

Its been a dream for most people to eat whatever they want and still not gain weight! Well in that case, Stevia is your dream come true. Double the sweetness minus the calories. Indulge in your sweet tooth all you want. Have you’ll ever thought about where stevia comes from?

Water for your Body

Water has benefits above and beyond just our kidneys. It affects multiple systems and ensures our wellbeing. Understand the interaction of water with your own body and determine your intake amount!!


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