Functional Fitness

Have you ever been in a fix where you are done with your rehab and the doctors have cleared you to live your normal life, get back to working out or a sport or any work related activity but you still don’t have adequate strength to return to your activity without being in pain?

That’s what we address, we bridge this gap and smoothly transition you to your end goal be it dancing, fitness training, doing household chores or travelling for work. We work with your doctor, fitness trainer and nutritionist to get you in your best form.

Who should come in for a session?

  1. Someone looking to improve their fitness or has reached a plateau with weight gain/ loss, muscle gain/ loss.
  2. Anybody who feels imbalances in the body (one leg shorter/longer, love handle on one side, slouch)
  3. Someone who is transitioning from rehab and wants to get back to their previous level of fitness
  4. Anybody who finds it difficult or tiring to do day to day chores/ Work.

What does the functional fitness session look like ?

  1. Detailed Assessment for Biomechanical & Muscle Imbalances
  2. Treatment of any pain points/ stiff areas
  3. Fitness Program to correct the muscle Imbalances
  4. Referral to appropriate support- Nutritional, Massage, Stability, Stretch class

Best Part is you can do this program in your free time at the location you choose be it home / office or gym.

You might be thinking what about the equipment used for program. We tailor make the program depending on where you are going to do it for a hassle free experience.

As you get better with the form of exercise and muscle imbalance decreases, we work with your fitness trainer or you to transition to full rounded workouts or a physical activity of your choice.

Simple ain’t it ?

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