FootNotes: Keep your feet happy in heels!

“I don’t know whether to congratulate you for your successful completion of Graduation or for being successfully able to walk on stage without tripping in 4″ heels.” Laughter followed.. This was the a statement made at my post graduate convocation by a professor. True it is! It’s a task to walk in those heels. ConfirmedContinue reading “FootNotes: Keep your feet happy in heels!”

Physiotherapy In Mental Health (Guest Post UK)

Physiotherapy is one field which expanded to encompass many other sub-fields. The specializations included Orthopedics and Neurology to start with. Slowly it gathered a footing in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Women’s health, Sports and Cardio Pulmonary Rehab. Now the latest addition is Mental Health. One might wonder how do physiotherapists fit in here? Omkar Sawant, a CharteredContinue reading “Physiotherapy In Mental Health (Guest Post UK)”