My stint with cycling!

Only when you can be young and stupid, can you be old and wise. So this is an online cheers to my stupidity. Also a very big cheers to my friends who accompanied me here. Let me tell you how this all started. Backing up 5 years, While I was leaving Boston, one of myContinue reading “My stint with cycling!”

Take care: 23 hours for Faster Pain Relief.

Even after trying multitudes of treatment options, many undergo the perpetual cycle of pain. They find chronic pain persisting in spite of the best assessment and  treatment methods  applied. Why is that ? The secret to pain relief  doesn’t lie in the one hour of treatment you go through in a day or sometimes in 2-3Continue reading “Take care: 23 hours for Faster Pain Relief.”

Bio mechanical or Biochemical?

Back Pain? Knee pain? Shoulder pain? Neck pain or Headaches? Pop a Pill!  How many of us have done that  and still continue to do it? But, Pain does come back. And there you are. Again, repeating the cycle, popping a pill. Think whether the cause of your re-current pain is a Biochemical Issue orContinue reading “Bio mechanical or Biochemical?”

1 Simple test to determine how fit you are!

Generations back, we used the squatting toilet. In India and some eastern countries, Sitting on the floor in a cross legged position was the norm while eating, reading and watching television. As luxury creeped into our lifestyle, our modes of sitting changed to chair and a sitting toilet. We hardly sit on the floor theseContinue reading “1 Simple test to determine how fit you are!”

FootNotes : Are Flat feet, evolution for sedentary?

Many Research Studies point towards flat feet for causing injuries up the kinetic chain. The question that pops into my mind is why are so many of us developing flat feet and the answer should scare us as we might eventually loose our ability to move.

Running Injury Free

With Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016 around the corner, and a series of other smaller Marathons in line, Mumbai is on a Running spree. With rising fitness awareness, there are more enrollees each year challenging their bodies to work, run better. In this fitness uprising, many runners tend to land with injuries. Running, meant toContinue reading “Running Injury Free”

Patellar (Knee cap) Subluxation Story..

Someone who went through tremendous pain everyday when her patella subluxated  5-6 times/day. She had difficulty climbing stairs in spite of which she  climbed a floor 20 steps to get to my place every treatment session all the wa y from Mulund (45 minutes away). After the first session itself, her patella subluxation decreased toContinue reading “Patellar (Knee cap) Subluxation Story..”