FootNotes : Are Flat feet, evolution for sedentary?

Many Research Studies point towards flat feet for causing injuries up the kinetic chain. The question that pops into my mind is why are so many of us developing flat feet and the answer should scare us as we might eventually loose our ability to move.

Running Injury Free

With Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016 around the corner, and a series of other smaller Marathons in line, Mumbai is on a Running spree. With rising fitness awareness, there are more enrollees each year challenging their bodies to work, run better. In this fitness uprising, many runners tend to land with injuries. Running, meant toContinue reading “Running Injury Free”

Patellar (Knee cap) Subluxation Story..

Someone who went through tremendous pain everyday when her patella subluxated  5-6 times/day. She had difficulty climbing stairs in spite of which she  climbed a floor 20 steps to get to my place every treatment session all the wa y from Mulund (45 minutes away). After the first session itself, her patella subluxation decreased toContinue reading “Patellar (Knee cap) Subluxation Story..”

How to damage your back in a few ways!

” Reed ki haadi nahi hai ?” translation being “spineless person?”

One phrase used a lot conventionally to denote sarcasm for a weak or lazy person. Irony is that, now you can actually reply to it saying ” thi, par tut gayi” in English ” I managed to break it”

And this would not be a sentence denoting laziness or weakness anymore. Rather the opposite. The overworked individual in the wrong postures and a body that has toiled against bio-mechanical disadvantages.

But worry not! Once you are aware of the damage you cause it can be rectified.. Read this and you will know I have got your back 🙂

FootNotes: How to Heal Heel pain?

“You just know it when you have it “ Such is the nature of heel pain or foot pain. It’s like a splinter in your heel not allowing you to put your foot down. The slow dull aching pain that turns into a sharp menacing debilitating pain over passage of time. What exactly is HeelContinue reading “FootNotes: How to Heal Heel pain?”