We are a Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) and a Sports Rehabilitation center that focuses on holistic injury management and performance enhancement. We cater to all individuals looking to get fit and lead a healthy Pain-free lifestyle.

We believe in the power of our own body to heal itself when provided with the correct environment. Whether it is sitting on a desk, working in the kitchen or running a marathon we guide everyone to realize their untapped potential while building on 3 phases of movement:

Protected (Rehab)

Productive (Functional)

Progressive (constantly improving)

thus, aiding each person to become a

Meet our Experts!

Dr Hemali Mehta

Dr Dhvani Shah

You can call us for a 10 minute consult or message us to know how we can help you!

Your First Visit Includes:

  • An in-depth evaluation & consultation to set goals and establish a plan
  • Personalized treatment based on the evaluation
  • Lifestyle Consult and Ergonomic Modification
  • An Exercise plan to keep you pain-free