Take care: 23 hours for Faster Pain Relief.

Even after trying multitudes of treatment options, many undergo the perpetual cycle of pain. They find chronic pain persisting in spite of the best assessment and  treatment methods  applied.

Why is that ?

The secret to pain relief  doesn’t lie in the one hour of treatment you go through in a day or sometimes in 2-3 days. It depends more on what you do in the next 23 hours that are not monitored by the Physiotherapist.images

For the one hour of treatment to show its effectiveness and cause pain relief over time, it is extremely important to be aware of what we are doing to aggravate or relieve the pain throughout the day.

There are many triggering factors during various movements we perform. Learn and get insight on how to control them to create a better environment for healing. The best person to instruct you regarding this, is your physio. Don’t forget to ask about the  correct ergonomical postures to be maintained during house as well as office work.

I am open to questions on my FB page: Dr Hemali Mehta

Take care of your 24 hours! Signing off..


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