Bio mechanical or Biochemical?

Back Pain? Knee pain? Shoulder pain? Neck pain or Headaches?
Pop a Pill!  How many of us have done that  and still continue to do it?
But, Pain does come back. And there you are. Again, repeating
the cycle, popping a pill.

Think whether the cause of your re-current pain is a Biochemical Issue or a Bio mechanical one?IMG-20160128-WA0002-c869fa53-1199-4bf6-88e1-3e26abe1fe26.jpg

Many a times wrong postures during sitting, standing, walking, lifting put uneven loads on our bodies causing damage This activities repeated over and over through the days, weeks , months and years cause the tissues to come to a point of tolerance and breakdown.

Popping a pill will numb the pain from the breakdown. It doesn’t stop the breakdown or reverse it, nor does it treat the root cause of the  pain. To achieve a more sustained pain relief, next time don’t pop a pill or inject your back. Book an appointment with  a Physio to get yourself corrected bio mechanically.

Tada for now! Stay Fit..

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Ortho & Sports Physio, The Movement Analyst

3 thoughts on “Bio mechanical or Biochemical?

  1. That’s so true! We’ve become so hooked to immediate results that we’ll not think twice what it does to us long term.

    Health is a marathon, not a sprint. No point burning out early. 🙂


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