1 Simple test to determine how fit you are!

Generations back, we used the squatting toilet. In India and some eastern countries, Sitting on the floor in a cross legged position was the norm while eating, reading and watching television. As luxury creeped into our lifestyle, our modes of sitting changed to chair and a sitting toilet. We hardly sit on the floor these days.

Also, Now if I asked you to do that you would probably struggle with it. Sitting on the floor in a cross legged or a full squat position is extremely challenging. It requires enough stability, strength, balance, Power, flexibility and motor control. It also depends on how much you weigh. Increased weight makes it difficult for you to sit on the floor and get up without using support.

A research Study published in European Journal in 2014 found that the ability to sit and rise from the floor as a predictor of all cause Mortality.  The task of sitting to the floor and getting up is rated from 0-10 points with each point being deducted for using support for eg hands knees etc.  Lower SRT sitting rising test scores were associated with higher mortality rates. Also Each unit increase in the score improved the survival rates by 21%.


So get to the floor now and get up using any support.In case you do deduct a point for each part that touches the floor for eg -1 for R hand, -1 for the L leg and so on. The higher the score the better …

Incase of a lower score you know what to do.. Up your Fitness game. Start exercising and test again in 15 days. Does your score improve?

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Pave way to a fit-ter, longer and more qualitative life…



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2 thoughts on “1 Simple test to determine how fit you are!

  1. This is a great article! I just did Ido Portal’s 30 minutes/ day 30 day squat challenge and my hips and legs feel amazing!

    Incidentally, how do you recommend we train for building strength and flexibility for this skill? Just get down and up off the floor a lot?


    1. I wouldn’t recommend using a task as a form of exercise. Task of getting up from the floor is very specific to individuals. People might use just the dominant side in doing that causing imbalances. There are better exercises like deep squats which would help build the necessary strength.


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