Posture for school going Kids

You must have heard little things repeated over time form habits. We often fail to realize that we ourselves promote slouched posture in many indirect ways. One such way is using School Bags.



School bag packs do the same too. They promote slouched posture. 10 + 3 gives you the average number of years most students tend to hold on to their bag packs. For some professions the number of years is way more. Imagine strengthening the chest muscles for so many years while your back muscles which maintain an erect posture,
rest. Any person could do the math.

Well do you stop using the bag packs. No !! thats not the answer. The answer is very simplistic. Move the weight to your front once in a while. The back muscles will work enough to maintain a healthy balance and prevent you from slouching..

Here is a comic stating just that! For you growing kids 🙂





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