Dad: The Unsung Hero

He quietly stood by her side

watching intently while she cried

with his daughter in her hand

happy that she was in safe in her arms

wondering if his daughter would recognize him

Because the bond they share, is 9 months less

He tries all his best, to be her hero

Showing his strength in letting her fall

Fulfilling her desires to her best call

Keeping her aloof from the hardships he faced

Eating half a meal so that he could save

Building an empire so strong like protective fences to her wall

Ensuring her success, Ensuring her good life

Quietly all he sacrifice

Yes that’s every Dad, That’s my Dad !

They are the pillars of the family. They keep us strong. They toil day after day. When quiet, they think of ways to mint some more. They think of providing in terms of resources.
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In these times when there is so much competition and is difficult to earn. Many of them have high stress levels. Even those who are well off, have deadlines to meet.To survive and caters to the needs of the family, it is necessary to be the quickest, the best and survive the ever growing industry. That’s a lot of stress!

Stress that they have, often surfaces in the form of an ailment. It could be tension headaches, Cervical/neck pain or Back pain. Research correlates increased incidence of musculoskeletal disorders with Stress.

Let me explain~

Our head which contains the brains is supported  by the neck. Neck is the area where the brain connects to the body via nerves. Stress can cause irritation of the nerves and cause Cervical/neck pain and Tension Headaches. Tension Headaches, to be crude, are also cause due to altered neck positions and irritation of the nerves, which might be sue to stress.

Driving and prolonged sitting in bad postures at work also cause Low Back Pain. Lifting heavy equipment or loads causes Low back pain too.

Now that we know about this! How can we really help our Heroes out.

  1. Give him a Gentle neck or Shoulder message when he gets home.
  2. Appreciate the little things he does for you. You might not realize the sacrifices he makes for those little things to be a reality.

  3. Thanks him enough.

  4. Help him out in his chores.

  5. Keep a tab on his health status as he would most likely ignore the minor signs and symptoms until they turn into a major problem.

  6. Talk to him.

  7. Spend  weekends doing something relaxing; go to a beach, take him for a drive, or simply sit home and watch TV together.

  8. Invest some time in an Aerobic Activity. Aerobic activities help release Endorphin. Endorphin-es are the feel good chemicals in our body. They help relieve stress.

What are you planning on this Father’s Day to help him relax?

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