Save yourself !! 21st June – World Yoga Day.

Tomorrow is World Yoga Day.

There are going to oodles of people gathering at NSCI to contribute and celebrate the power of Yoga.

Let me give you a little bit of Background on Yoga and then why you shouldn’t directly jump into it without proper preparation and How it could injure your body.kkk

Yoga derives from a Sanskrit word called “Yug” which means to Join and Unite. Yogic practices originated in India some 26000 years ago. The earliest Mention of Yoga was found in the Vedas, the oldest texts known to man. Also Yoga was practiced in the “Satyuga” the golden age of Indian History. This age was characterized by peace and people searching for enlightenment.

Yoga has been divided according to the way it differed during each of the periods. Vedic yoga characterized by rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices. Yoga during the Pre-classical period, 2000 years till the 2nd century  evolved and around 1200 BC Rishaba emphasized on Liberation of the spirit. Also during the same time Buddha studied yoga using postures and Meditation which are yogic processes.

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The classical era  was dominated by Yoga sutras written by Patanjali who believed humans are made up of spirit and matter and restoring the spirit to its highest Reality.The Hatha Yoga was developed in the post classical era with emphasis on asanas(postures) ,pranayama(meditation), relaxation and body cleansing techniques.

Modern Day yoga  started with Propagation of Yoga by Swami Vivekanand in the West where it gained popularity. His teachings were called Yogada Yoga. several practices like Jnana Yoga, Transcendental Yoga associated with Beetles, Bhakti Yoga and Viniyoga Hatha Yoga by Desikar and B.K.S Iyengar widely known as Iyengar Yoga in present times. Another Version Practiced is the Power Yoga used to increase strength synchronized with Breathing.

All these practices in Yoga took time to develop. It is an awesome initiative by the Government of India to Popularize and make aware, the people of India, the benefits of Yogic Practices. It is also a necessity in a country which is losing its traditional practices to the West.

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Little do they realize that this one day creates awareness and also a lot of patients with hamstring strains, sprains, tendinitis and muscle soreness. Yogic Teachers have been practicing since a long time. It is necessary to realize that they cannot possibly look after what each one of us is doing during a massive Yoga practice. One must also realize the short comings of a body that has not exercised and is all set to perform poses, postures which look simple, but are far from it, as they load many body systems at once.

Ask yourself.. Is your sedentary body well equipped to take that kind of stress?

On this day while you celebrate Yoga, Celebrate and understand your body too. Don’t push your body to its limits. Stop when in discomfort and discontinue when in pain.

Perform only those positions within the body limit, where you know you can hold a position for up to 15 minutes without holding breath and your body giving out.

For people with Blood Pressure, Avoid holding your breath. Keep Breathing at all costs. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated.

For people with Back Pain, avoid lifting the legs while lying, it places lots of load on your spine which can increase your back pain. Also keep your spine erect. Reduces the chances of back injury considerably.

Knee pain- Avoid Kneeling and High Kneeling poses where the pressure directly comes on to your knees. Avoid sitting Cross Legged as it increases the sheer stresses on your knee.

Take care, Stay Un-injured and Celebrate the power of your Body and Power of Yoga. Happy International Yoga Day!

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