Pain is a signal for us, Humans to Stop!

Pain is a signal for us, Humans to Stop! Continuing from my last post.

How many times have we taken those NSAIDS (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) aka Pain Killers for Back pain or for Knee Aches?  Most of us have used them at one point or another, time and time over.  It Kills pain! Yippie.. Ain’t it so good. But like I said in my earlier post, Pain is good. Don’t Kill it. Correct the malfunction causing it.

Do you shut your Baby down or close your ears when he cries or do you figure out whether the cry is due to hunger, Bed Wetting or something else. Don’t shut your Body down, Take the Required Action.

There are numerous ways to get rid of the pain..

The Metabolic way: reduces the Inflammatory byproducts and causes relief

Medicines. and they come with a Bundle of Side effects like increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and intestinal bleeding. Stomach Discomfort, Acidity and lethargy. They are good for Short Term in order to control pain but in the longer run, their adverse effects outrun their benefits, especially for older individuals who are taking multiple medicines.

Then there are Steroidal Injections into your Joints,  which they keep inflammation under check. Again it increases your risk of Joint Infection. and At its best, many say their effects are temporary 15 days and if you are being too optimistic then a month. Till that period enough damage to the joint is done.

The Nerve way: The carrier of pain

Techniques like Dry Needling and Pain Management techniques. They directly work on your Pain transport Receptors, your nerves or nerve endings. No doubt about their effectiveness. These techniques work wonders in patients with chronic undying pain due to hypersensitivity of pain receptors.

A research study (Systematic Review-2015) on Evidence for the Use of Ischemic Compression and Dry Needling in the Management of Trigger Points of the Upper Trapezius in Patients with Neck Pain shows Moderate effectiveness in decrease of pain with weak evidence in improvement of functionality and quality of life.

Most of us want to decrease pain so we can work better. With limited evidence on the improvement of functionality, Its your call!  It is necessary to treat the underlying cause to have a long term effect in pain reduction.

The question is do you really want to get rid of something (pain) that is protective in nature without getting rid of the cause? Well, Surely some might want to. But Beware it’s going to haunt you back. And this time a greater damage will ensue and it will be difficult to control it.

A Better way to get rid of the pain is eliminate its root cause. Wrong Bio-mechanics, Posture, Faulty Movement Patterns that result in wear and tear. They say there are no shortcuts to success. Likewise there are no shortcuts to achieving a Pain Free Active Life.

Work your way to it!! Build your body to be able to do what you want! Listen to your pain. Don’t shut it down. It says a lot.

Stay Posted for quick tips to correct your biomechanics…

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