Respect your Pain!!

Just Last Summer, while I was still in Boston and the weather was good (yes its tundra the other 8 months), I attended a lecture on pain at Massachusetts Institute of technology. I was awed at what I learnt that day.

Why would pain be good? Everybody questions! I questioned too… Imagine not feeling pain at all. You would think life would be amazing, right?  Being able to dance, sing, walk, jump and run forever without the exhaustion that would eventually turn into pain? Surprisingly, No!!

There are about 35 known cases of people in US who can’t feel pain. Such is also a case of a newborn who couldn’t feel pain. Congenital Insensitivity to pain or Congenital Analgesia.

Every time you shriek in pain after spraining your ankle, Every time your body starts to hurt after a long stressful day at work. That’s the pain receptors firing. The Nociceptors.

In this Newborn, due to a congenital abnormality, the Nociceptors wouldn’t fire. No matter how harsh the stimulus. As a result the kid would chew his tongue off, damage the eye by constantly poking things in it, Smash head, feet or other body parts against the wall or even fracture a limb without realizing the damage done to the body.

For Him, Growing up like normal kids without damaging his body parts significantly was a challenge. Even as an Adult, there was nothing stopping him.The Only way his body spoke to him was by restricted Range, unexplained tightness and the show of blood, after enough damage was done.

Think about this~~

Pain is there for a Reason. Pain is the way our bodies speak to us.

Its a constant reminder of a malfunction happening inside of us.

Pain is good. Its that reflex withdrawal from something too hot.

Its that Spasm that restricts your movement when you don’t,

Its a Protective Mechanism to ensure better lives,

Its the exaggeration of every sensation you feel,

Letting you know that its too much.

Ya that’s pain and its good.

Pain is a signal for us, Humans to stop.

Now you know you are hurting and you are lucky enough like most of us to feel it. What do you do about it? Identify your Problem and fix it while you can. Read on for Ways to fix the problem and how nerves are the Culprits…

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