Mom: Job that never ends :/

I am a physio. I work. You work too. Most of us do.  We work Mon-Sat and have a day off. Sleep well at nights and Throw tantrums when we don’t get enough sleep. Get Ready food and Ironed Clothes. We Dance when we want too, Go out at our convenience and come back to a place we call home.

The only Power Source behind our smooth day to day functioning is no other than MOM. She Supplies continuous non tiring love in the form of ready cooked food, Ironed clothes, Clean home to return too and a list that goes on and on. One list which is non exhaustive. She, like us, is a human.  In spite of which she caters to our needs without a blink, day and night, 24-7 from the very moment we were born to her last breath.


As A Physiotherapist I encounter a mixed Variety of people day to day. Then there are those super humans, who are mothers~

“Most of the times when I suggest my patients to get some rest, to get rid of their pain. They take a leave and are well rested. Their pain is down. But When I ask a Mother to rest, that almost never happens. She works. She works through that discomfort and pain.She works like the world ends without her. And you may not realize, But, IT DOES”

On this day, Dedicated to all the mothers, Working(Housework) and Over-working(Housework and Job) Lets Promise to “Share Their Load” as the advertisement smartly put its.

Lets Do our little parts, Keep Laundry in the right place, Help with the Dishes, Cook some Breakfast or Simply keep our stuff in the right places and Help her out where she needs.

Lets talk to our mothers, give her a good laugh, ask her about her troubles and pains, Appreciate enough and make her happy so she sleeps well at the end of the day. “A Happy mother is a Happy Home”

Among all the patients I treat, Treating mothers is very difficult. They have a strong Inclination and a higher ranking priority of taking care of their home and people against the priority of their own health. Its time we start taking care of the health of our Darling mothers out there. Force them to seek treatment when the pain or difficulty has just set in rather than waiting for it to increase to a point where it is unbearable.

And  Shout out to the Mothers, Please take care of yourself, only if you are strong and physically fit will you be able to take care of your first priority. Your FAMILY ;).

Dedicated to my utterly butterly sweet and loving mom.. Meena Mehta ( Can’t Imagine my Life without you ) Love you ❤

And do watch this video about the Worlds Toughest Job~

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