Physiofitness continuum

The Physiotherapy Fitness Continuum


At Prohuman, We believe Physiotherapy and Fitness are a continuum. With our advance techniques used for Sportsmen we bring to you Physiotherapy practice, a rehab process which gets you out of pain or injury in short time and provides sustained recovery.

Empowering you about your body and the way it moves keeps you at the center of the entire program.

To sustain that recovery from pain, injury or faulty movement we understand that fitness is an ongoing process during Physiotherapy. It helps you realize your strengths and weaknesses and work on it every single day so you live a pain and injury free life. More so we get you to a point where you can achieve amazing fitness results with your body, maintain them and get better with time.

How do we exactly help you achieve sustained recovery?

We evaluate you to figure out discrepancies at anatomical, physiological, functional or at a movement level. Depending on the assessment, best techniques used over the world are brought to you to aid in your quick recovery. At a same time, stable movement base is created with the help of exercises. Usually in about a few sessions, once the pain subsides, functional exercises and eventually movements are introduced. We not only work on pain but also on every important constituent that contributes to movement. These are upgraded as and when to suit your bodily demands, to get you back to skating, ballet, dancing, sports etc.

Working towards small but substantial gains in Strength, Stability, Mobility & Power