When I am not running back & forth clicking pictures on a selfie timer while travelling alone

I am appreciating life as it is, deep as well as superficial with all its flaw in entirety. Living for the undiscovered & unexplorred & unearthed. Exploring one bit at a time.

Sports & Ortho Physio

with Ritu Phogat (Dangal Sisters)

Embark onto this wonderful inside out journey about our body, the evolution of its function & achieving the pinaacle of human efficiency with me.

Part time philosopher

A scientist cannot be one without some element of philosophy to his thinking. I dwell into the concepts of mind and the way it functions, its creativity, emotions & influence on our life. Poems, thoughts & small writeups await you!

Full time Earthling

This is all about fighting and embracing technology one at each time. Conserving the planet, animals, bacteria and everything that lives and helps us live.



Traditional health practices & way of life are often lost but come back in different ways. let’s find and hold onto this wisdom

My Thoughts in all its Rawness!


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